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Discover the markets impressive range of wing foiling boards from the current leading brands. Latest designs and technology, with something to suit every style and ability. From beginner, improver to those looking to push the boundaries in the world of foiling.

Choosing the right board is fundamental to both your enjoyment and progression in the sport of winging. Whether you are looking for stability and volume, carving control or slashy manoeuvrability in waves, we have a board and foil combination for you.      

Our stock currently showcases wing foil boards from Armstrong, Fanatic, JP, PPC, Starboard, Tabou, Quatro, KT and Freedom Foil Boards.   

Still not sure? To find out more information about any products we stock, or gain advice as to which foil board might be the best for you, contact our dedicated team on  01305 230530 or 07944 254561, or

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