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With a passion and aim to maximise the potential of every rider, there is no compromise in design with Armstrong boards, foils and wings. Impressively engineered, using the latest materials, and eye catching designs, it leaves the end user with a meticulously manufactured product.

Armstrong make foiling accessible to all, with a range of products for all wing foiling levels and desires - whether speed, manoeuvrability, power or controllability. The distinctive ‘stripey’ Armstrong foil range is truly impressive, covering every discipline from beginner to experienced winger, surf, tow, downwind foiling and everything in-between:

HA - High Aspect |  MA - Mid Aspect | HS - High Speed | CF - Carving Freeride |  S1 (Step 1)

Power and balance are at the heart of their latest wing designs, redefining comfort, responsiveness and handling. With impressive attention to detail obvious throughout - the Armstrong wings are certainly a consideration for any winger, beginner to those more experienced.   Years of experience, drive and passion are at the forefront of their board designs, with the product range including Wing Surf, Wing SUP, WKT - Wake Kite Tow (WKT) and Downwind SUP.

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