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Choose a winter wetsuits that ticks all the boxes, ensuring you can make the most of your sessions afloat, whether it be warmth, comfort or manoeuvrability. Take time to browse the technical details of varying thickness, internal lining, outer neoprene, stitching, entry style and zip…… to name just a few.

Here at Surf Doctor we stock a range of winter wetsuits from leading brands designed for watersports, bringing you the performance characteristics you are looking for. With specific wetsuits styles available for men, women and youth, you can buy from leading brands including ION, Da Kine Manera, Neil Pryde.

Feel free to contact us for further advice, we will often be able to provide you with some first hand experience having tried many of the suits ourselves. Contact us on 01305 230530 or 07944 254561, or

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