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Honu was born among the curling waves of Bondi Beach.  As the brand has evolved, the Honu team continues to embrace Bondi’s bohemian roots which guides the choice of products, design and lifestyle imagery. 

The spirit of Honu lies in our connection to the beach and ocean environment. The Honu team is passionate about making products to inspire everyone to fall in love with the ocean and the outdoors because there is nothing quite like the ocean for helping to connect us to ourselves and our place in the world.

Since 2001, Honu has brought a range of high-quality SUP boards, surf boards and accessories to Australian consumers. With minimalist designs in colours inspired by the marine environment, Honu boards artfully stand apart from the ordinary.


With this spirit in mind, Mark and Megan Travers took over Honu in 2019.  Relying on Mark's skills as an industrial engineer and their shared love of the ocean, they wanted to create Honu products for the future.  This is when they developed new construction methods including X-woven and fused drop-stitch technologies.  In addition, they wanted to reduce Honu’s environmental impact by creating boards that are durable and use minimal plastic packaging.  They hope that Honu products can be used and enjoyed by people of all ages, fitness levels and abilities, while protecting the environment we love so much.

Honu is striving to meet the challenge of fulfilling the needs of customers while protecting our environment on a daily basis. This includes an annual pledge to environmental groups, volunteering hours for staff to commit to important causes and working towards green packaging for all of our products. Honu remains committed to continuing to implement the best environmental practices in the industry to benefit our fragile environment on which we all depend for our livelihood.

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