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X-Paddle Glide 100% 1/4 (Black) Adjustable 2 P.

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These paddles are aimed at all levels/styles of riders looking for a great paddle with a light and crisp overall feel, delivering excellent, but comfortable performance!

The 'Glide series' features 2 completely new blade shapes, shafts and handles for 2016 onwards, with further refinements to comfort, performance and versatility.

Featuring 2 different 3K Full Carbon ABS edged blades, a 29mm diameter 70% Carbon shaft, 100% 3K Carbon Handle(something you will find on very few other brands, regardless of price), with Blade, Carbon Shaft and Handle in Gloss finish. On the adjustable models, the Matt finish sliding shaft has contrasting White calibration from 70" to 94" (the Petite Glide is 54" to 76")

Our 70% Carbon/30% Glass 29mm is a 'fast return' shaft, which also features on the 'Cruise Series' is even more responsive when matched to the Glide's Carbon Blades - this step up in performance Is aimed at most benefitting the heavier (70kg>) or more experienced rider, but beginners also revel in all that these shaft and blade combinations deliver since they are so beautifully balanced and we have tested them in a school environment with riders as light as 40kg with great success.

The Glide encourages good technique and rider effort with a nice dynamic feel, while still having the right flex characteristics to reduce the risk of strain, fatigue or even injury for all paddlers.

The 7.28" wide blade excels in flat water/coastal performance, while the 7.8" is aimed at all round/wave, with more uniform steering feel due to flatter blade face, but both will work fine in either environment, and it's more a matter of personal choice so we encourage you to try both if you can.

Of special note should be our desire to accommodate riders from 3'8" to 5'6" with the Petite models, and from 5' to 7' tall with the adjustable/fixed models in the full Life, Cruise, Glide and Race Range. Please take this into account when looking at weights, as many makes of paddles are a foot or so shorter, and for fixed models, many companies quote their weight's when cut to just 78"!

The Glide is available in 6 different models, plus the Petite which has a 7" blade and 26mm Dia. Shaft

Our Mission in designing the new range was to further enhance the entire paddling experience for every rider.

The Glide Series has been a firm favourite since we introduced it 2008, so these new models had to really deliver in order to uphold our reputation for great value, nice handling, light, high quality paddles - Thanks to our design team, production team and all the work from our 'real world testers', who have spent many hours helping us to fine tune our prototypes - we are confident we have produced another SUPer X-Paddle which all riders will love.