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Thommen T1 Cobra GLIDE & RIDE STD

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Size: 165L Glide
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Regular price £1,659.00
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Embark on the Ultimate Windsurfing Adventure with GLIDE!

Prepare to rediscover the joy of recreational windsurfing. Glide effortlessly over the water's surface even in the gentlest of breezes. This remarkable board offers a perfect balance of smoothness, speed, responsiveness, and maneuverability. No need to invest in expensive professional racing sails – any freeride or freemove sail will suffice.

Say goodbye to power hurdles. Thanks to the meticulously crafted Thommen golden era stretched rocker line and vee-to-quad-concave bottom shape, transitioning from gliding to planing becomes a seamless experience, effortlessly gliding over choppy waters like nothing else. Unlike other "special light wind" boards, the Glide remains efficient and enjoyable to sail even as the wind picks up. Its super thin hull concept, coupled with a clever "step rail" design, ensures forgiveness and promotes easy control for sailors of all levels, from novices to experts.

Whether you're leisurely cruising around the bay, executing flawless carving jibes, riding open ocean swells, or engaging in friendly racing pursuits, the Glide is your perfect companion.

Forget about the need for massive fins to get going and maintain speed. The Glide's ingenious hull design, combined with a versatile tri-fin setup, allows you to conquer any water depth, be it deep or shallow. Standard equipment includes a 32cm powerbox fin at the rear and two matching 12cm trackers perfectly fitting the slotboxes. This setup enables exceptional upwind tracking and provides enhanced grip during jibing. Both the LTD and STD models come equipped with our top-quality G10 fins, meticulously designed by Gasoil France. We firmly believe in our commitment to excellence.

The 10” mast box accommodates larger sails when positioned slightly forward and smaller sails when placed towards the rear. Use the center of the mast box as your base setting. Additionally, the extended box length allows for mast adjustments when utilizing the entry-level strap positions placed slightly forward to prevent the board from luffing (STD model only).

To complement your Glide experience, each board comes with a custom-made boardbag, our sustainable packaging choice. You'll appreciate the thoughtful slots designed for the grab handle and fins, ensuring convenience and protection.

Choose from two exceptional constructions:

STD (standard) – Cobra's renowned epoxy/glass/wood construction with reinforced glass bands in strategic areas, highly rated by test centers, receiving an outstanding rating of 9.5 out of 10.

LTD (limited) – Cobra's nearly custom-made sandwich construction, boasting an impressive weight-to-stiffness ratio for unparalleled performance.

Experience the freedom of GLIDE. Anytime, anywhere.


Experience the Thrill with the Revolutionary Windsurf Board, RIDE!

Embarking on a journey back in time, we have reintroduced a board that can conquer any condition. Drawing inspiration from the glorious era of the Bullet and Sunset boards, Peter, our visionary shaper, has seamlessly combined elements like the extended rocker line, vee-to-quad-to-tri-concave bottom shape for swift planing, and a touch of tail kick, thinner rails, and wingers for impeccable control in gusty winds. The RIDE effortlessly handles large sails while maintaining superior manoeuvrability for those moments when smaller sails are required.

Similar to its larger sibling, the renowned Glide, the RIDE eliminates any power hurdles in its path. Its additional length enables a smooth transition into the planning phase without the need for excessive pumping. Simply sheet in and set sail!

Much like the iconic Swiss Army Knife, the RIDE, crafted by the skillful hands of Swiss shaper Peter Thommen, excels in all water and wind conditions. Inspired by legendary boards such as the Sailboard 295A and HiFly 295 Pro, which brought joy to windsurfers of all levels in the past, the RIDE guarantees a thrilling experience.

Supplied with a 28cm powerbox fin at the rear and two tracker/side fins of 10cm each with a slotbox fixation, the RIDE adapts seamlessly to most situations, making it an ideal choice for shallow and coastal waters. Both the LTD and STD models boast top-quality G10 fins meticulously designed by Gasoil France, showcasing our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Featuring a versatile 10” mast box, the RIDE accommodates a wide range of sail sizes. Begin with the centre position as your base setting, shifting the mast foot 2cm forward for larger sails and 2cm rearward for smaller ones. While we recommend sail sizes ranging from approximately 7.0 (or 7.5 if you insist) to 4.5/4.7, the sweet spot lies between 5.7-6.3m². Talk about unrivalled versatility!

Every RIDE board comes with a customised boardbag, our sustainable packaging solution that demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility. You'll appreciate the thoughtfully designed slots for the grab handle and fins, ensuring convenience and protection.

Choose from two remarkable constructions:

STD (standard) - Our proven epoxy/glass/wood construction with reinforced glass bands in strategic areas, highly regarded by test centres, earning a remarkable rating of 9.5 out of 10.

LTD (limited) - Our near custom-made sandwich construction by Cobra, striking an ideal balance between weight and stiffness for exceptional performance.

Unleash the power of RIDE, and conquer any destination, without limitations!