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Tabou Zeppelin WING 2024

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The brand-new ZEPPELIN is your ticket to endless wing foiling sessions and quick learning progress in this exciting sport. Join the wing foiling community with the right board below your feet!

An elongated and wide shape with a low rocker line ensures extra stability and good gliding, which makes the first steps in foiling and gathering speed for your first take-offs extremely easy. The side step with extra kick tail in the rear hull section facilitates take-offs, while the increased volume 30cm from the nose adds forgiveness, when touching down and landing.

Despite the large volume and increased width the ZEPPELIN still provides good penetration in the air and reduced drag with its thin nose shape, which makes flying after the first take-offs easier than ever.

An ultra robust construction, PVC rail tapes and a large EVA pad enhance safety and stability during initial foiling sessions and extensive use in schools.

Make sure to swiftly take-off, fly with ease and enjoy the sport of wing foiling to the fullest from the first moment on with the ZEPPELIN.


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