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Tabou Twister 2024

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Size: 93L
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Tabou Twister 2024: Redefine Freestyle Windsurfing

Embark on a freestyle windsurfing journey like never before with the Tabou Twister 2024. This board challenges you to break barriers, encouraging you to elevate your skills and conquer new moves and combinations in the world of freestyle windsurfing.

Key Features:

  1. High-Entry Rocker and Narrow Rear Foot Section:
    • Maximises acceleration and top speed, providing an incredible pop for higher and more radical rotations.
  2. Exceptional Pop for Airtime:
    • The Twister offers outstanding pop, giving you the airtime needed for executing the latest power moves with style and precision.
  3. Compact Outline for Controlled Rotations:
    • The board's compact outline ensures quicker and more controlled rotations, allowing you to master manoeuvres with ease.
  4. Model Versatility:
    • The Twister 103 shares the latest updates of the 93 version, catering to both newcomers and hardcore freestyle windsurfers. Enjoy the same pure freestyle performance regardless of your skill level.
  5. Boxy Rails and Deep V-Bottom Shape:
    • Enhances forgiveness during maneuvers and provides superior control in various conditions. This design increases your chances of successfully landing a wide range of moves.

Sizes Available:

  • 93
  • 103

Quality, Advanced Technology, and Innovation: At Tabou, the commitment to quality, advanced technology, and innovation is paramount. Every effort is dedicated to developing boards that seamlessly balance durability with lightweight construction and performance orientation. The nuances in design make the difference between a good board and a great board. Each Tabou board is meticulously crafted with the ideal mix of design traits and technologies tailored to its application area, ensuring that every surfer finds the perfect board to meet their demands.

Jump aboard the Tabou Twister, push your limits, and redefine the boundaries of gravity in the world of freestyle windsurfing!