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Tabou Da Bomb 2024

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Tabou DA BOMB 2024: Elevating Waveriding Excellence

When it comes to conquering the waves, the Tabou Da Bomb stands out as the ultimate performer, especially when faced with less-than-ideal wave conditions brought on by shifting winds.

Optimised Waveriding Capabilities: Tabou's dedicated R&D team has invested substantial effort to enhance the 2024 Da Bomb's waveriding capabilities without compromising on its drive and planing performance. The result is a board that excels in navigating shore breaks and effortlessly catching numerous waves.

Innovative Design Elements:

  1. Refined Tail Outline: Drawing inspiration from the larger Da Curve models, we've incorporated a refined tail outline to boost the Da Bomb's agility and versatility.

  2. Asymmetrical Concave: To enhance control during turns, we've introduced an asymmetrical concave. This feature allows for swift adjustments to your turn radius, particularly useful when navigating critical sections of unruly beach breaks.

  3. Taut Rocker with Less Kick: While maintaining the renowned planing capabilities, we've opted for a slightly more taut rocker with less kick. This design ensures that no wave goes unridden and empowers surfers to execute impressive aerial manoeuvres.

Unmatched Versatility: The Da Bomb's unparalleled versatility, combined with exceptional drive and heightened manoeuvrability, allows surfers to savour waveriding sessions at any location and in all conditions.

Available Sizes: Choose the Da Bomb that suits your style and conditions:

  • 77
  • 84
  • 94
  • 104

Features: Quality, Advanced Technology, and Innovation: At Tabou, we prioritise quality, advanced technology, and innovation. Our boards are meticulously designed to last, ensuring durability while remaining lightweight and performance-oriented. Striking the right balance is a constant challenge, but it's these nuances that distinguish between a good board and a great one.

Every Tabou board is crafted with the precise mix of design traits and technologies, tailored to its specific application area. This commitment ensures that every surfer finds the perfect board, meeting their demands and exceeding expectations. Experience waveriding excellence with Da Bomb – where quality meets innovation on every wave.