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Tabou Da Bomb 2022

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Da Bomb


SIZES 77 | 84 | 94 | 104



With its unmatched versatility the Da Bomb adjusts itself to all conditions and spots, you might discover. A fine blend of a low tail kick rocker line as well as channels, thin rails and a longer outline in the tail section both make messy conditions feel enjoyable and allow you to fully utilize cleaner waves, when it’s on. Early planing, great upwind potential and impressive overall speed provide superb mobility in the lineup and brilliant drive to catch waves and launch into huge jumps. Besides its impressive planing performance, the Da Bomb feels very agile and loose, when turning and carves in an extremely controllable manner. The 2022 Da Bomb performs incredibly well in good conditions and impresses even more, when the wind turns onshore and the waves are less ideal.


Quality, advanced technology and innovation means everything to us. We put all our efforts into the development of boards that are built to last, but still lightweight and performance oriented. Finding this balance is a constant challenge, but these nuances make the difference between a good board and a great board. Each Tabou board features exactly the right mix of different design traits and technologies for its application area to provide every surfer with the right board for his demands.