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Tabou 3S Plus 2023

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Size: 86L
Construction: LTD
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Regular price £1,999.00
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The 3S+ combines the best traits of our wave, freeride and freestyle boards to cover three styles of windsurfing in one board.

A combination of a modern tail and a more classic outline in the nose leads to the perfect mix of early planing, speed and maneuverability in a huge range of conditions.

Thin rails in the rail section allow you to initiate turns and jibes easily, which make the 3S+ a great choice for freeriding in strong winds and waveriding in onshore conditions and smaller waves.

Despite the impressive performance potential the 3S+ doesn’t pass on great comfort and controllability due to the dome deck under the back foot, multiple foot strap positions and a V double concave hull shape.

For 2023 the 3S+ 116 was updated to the specs of the smaller sizes to achieve outstanding maneuverability and drive.

With the 3S+ three styles of windsurfing are combined in one board.

SIZES 86 | 96 | 106 | 116