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Tabou 3S Classic Team 2024

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The Tabou 3S 2024: The Legend Continues

Embrace the next chapter of the iconic 3S saga – the newly revamped Tabou 3S, a board that pays homage to its triumphant legacy while embracing contemporary enhancements for an unparalleled windsurfing experience.

Cutting-Edge Transformation: Tabou has undergone a comprehensive transformation of the 3S, integrating cutting-edge features to deliver exceptional all-around performance and user-friendliness. Embrace a host of updates that redefine this classic:

  1. New Rocker: Experience a new rocker without a tail kick, enhancing the board's responsiveness and acceleration, particularly in light wind conditions.

  2. Shorter Outline, Maintained Width: The outline is shortened while maintaining the same width, optimizing power in light wind conditions for superior acceleration and maneuverability.

  3. Fresh Volume Distribution: A redesigned volume distribution further contributes to the board's exceptional performance, making it well-suited for strong winds.

Dedicated Bump&Jump Freeride Program: The 3S has found a new purpose in a dedicated bump&jump freeride program, ideal for strong winds. Positioned to offer enhanced support for slightly more powerful sails, this board becomes the perfect companion for high-wind blasting, jumping, and carving conditions.

Versatile Performance: Rest assured, the 3S continues to deliver controllability, early planing, and speed across a broad range of conditions. However, with the recent upgrades, it now boasts an added punch of power and acceleration, ensuring a thrilling ride in various wind scenarios.

Available Sizes: Choose the 3S that suits your style and conditions:

  • 97
  • 107
  • 117

Features: Quality, Advanced Technology, and Innovation: At Tabou, our unwavering commitment to quality, advanced technology, and innovation is reflected in every board we craft. Striking the delicate balance between durability, lightweight construction, and performance is an ongoing challenge, but it's these nuances that distinguish a good board from a great one.

Each Tabou board is meticulously designed, featuring the perfect blend of design traits and technologies tailored to its specific application area. The Tabou 3S represents the epitome of windsurfing excellence, delivering a ride that surpasses expectations.