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Starboard Torx Bolt Set

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Material: For All Wind Foils (incl. IQ)
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Regular price £34.99
Regular price £34.99 Sale price £34.99
The nuts and bolts that make the magic happen!

As much as it is a cliché, it still very much remains true - if you look after the little items, they look after you! And nothing is more true than with the torx bolts that hold your foil together.

Yes, of course, you should take care when coming ashore so that you don't nick the edges of your wings. And when fixing the foil into the board, extra care should be taken to ensure the two are connected securely. But please do look after these little fellas too. They are small, but mighty. And a bit of Tef-Gel to seat them in place before you screw them up tight always keeps them smiling.