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Starboard Futura 2024

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Size: 100
Construction: Wood Sandwich
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Regular price £1,999.00
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Discover the 2024 Starboard Windsurfing FUTURA series, featuring models in 100, 105, 110, 120, and 135 sizes, including the groundbreaking RETROLUTION edition. Designed for the discerning windsurfer, FUTURA combines cutting-edge technology with the pursuit of the perfect ride. Whether you crave maximum speed, comfort, or precise jibing, the FUTURA series is your key to unlocking the ultimate windsurfing experience.

RETROLUTION: Maximising Speed with Unmatched Comfort

Experience the contemporary evolution of the award-winning board that ignited the FreeRace craze. The FUTURA series redefines the boundaries, delivering maximum average speed with confidence and comfort. It's the perfect blend of performance and ease, setting a new standard for windsurfing enthusiasts.

The Futura Concept: Unleashing iSonic DNA

At the heart of the FUTURA concept lies the iSonic DNA, featuring a fast, moderately narrow, and compact body – ideal for long-distance and drag racing along your local beach. The strategic width provides an extended wind range and unparalleled efficiency. The powerful yet smooth rails offer controlled leverage over the fin, while a thinner mast track profile lowers the centre of gravity for enhanced control. The optimised stance ensures longer, more confident fast runs. The double concave entry flowing to a clean flat vee tail guarantees comfort, control, and efficiency where it matters most.

Double Step Cut Aways: Proven iSonic Technology

Embrace proven iSonic technology with Double Step Cutaways, providing added release and increased speed for an unparalleled windsurfing experience.

Bottom Shape: Enhancing Control and Comfort

The FUTURA series features a more pronounced Vee across the bottom, delivering improved control and comfort through rough chop, smooth-flowing jibes, and a lively ride. Power On for an exhilarating ride.

Thin Rails: Accessible, Safe, and Confident

Rounded and thinner than iSonic rails, the FUTURA series ensures accessibility, safety, and confidence in rough conditions. Experience smoother turns and effortless speed.

Drake Freeride Fin: Ready to Race Excellence

Each FUTURA comes equipped with a selected Drake Slalom DW fin, combining impressive speed, acceleration, and extraordinary jibing abilities. Ready to Race with the best in the business.

Drake Slick Footstraps: Sustainable Comfort

Enjoy premium comfort with Drake Slick foot straps, crafted with FSC-certified, sustainably sourced Yulex foam. With 85% natural rubber content, CO² emissions during manufacturing are reduced by 80%. The remaining 15% of synthetic neoprene enhances UV resistance for a comfortable feel.

Lightweight Pads: Reactive and Comfortable

Featuring 6mm thick footpads in the tail and 4mm in the front, the FUTURA series delivers a highly reactive yet comfortable feel, minimising weight. The thermoformed diamond-grooved pattern provides grip and comfort over extended sessions, resisting wear and tear.

Elevate your windsurfing adventures with the Starboard Windsurfing FUTURA series – where innovation meets exhilaration on the open water.