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Starboard Foil Fuselage

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Size: 75 Aluminium (Freeride/GT)
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Regular price £235.00
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Starboard Foils pioneered the fusion of carbon and aluminium in foils.

For fuselage with a more square-shaped cross-section, aluminium has more suitable characteristics. Our choice of an aluminium fuselage makes Starboard foils stiffer, more controlled and more stable.

A super stiff mast, a hyper-rigid fuselage and full carbon wings would all go to waste if the fuselage fitting wasn't up to par. So we designed our own patent-pending fuselage fitting: Starboard Universal Connect. It not only allows for convenient disassembly, it also allows four lateral bolts to crank up the fitting pressure between the mast and the fuselage to the max, enhancing torsional rigidity and creating a single, fused high performance unit.

Three Torx bolts on the bottom carry the vertical loads. When the fuselage fitting could be the weakest link in a foil construction, our patent-pending system turns the design equation upside down, making the connection a stronger and stiffer link than had we made a single-piece mast fuselage combination.