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Severne Triple Xtension RDM HD 36

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Introducing the Triple Xtension: A Cutting-Edge 3-Pulley RDM Extension

As more enthusiasts embrace freeride and slalom sails on RDM masts, the demand for a high-performance solution has never been more apparent. Enter the Triple Xtension, a meticulously designed 3-pulley RDM extension that revolutionises your rigging experience.

Our focus during development was on minimising downhaul friction to ensure smoother rigging processes. We paid careful attention to rope alignment and pulley spacing, resulting in significant improvements. The Triple Xtension is seamlessly compatible with any sail featuring a 4-roller tack pulley, and it also caters to sails with a 3-roller tack pulley. Additional features include a Dyneema rope and an integrated hook for securing the tack strap.

Key Features:

  • Aligned Triple Pulleys for Optimal Performance
  • Stainless Steel Button and Mechanism for Durability
  • Stainless Steel Automatic Hinged Collar System for Seamless Adjustments
  • Zero CM Setting for Precision Control

Elevate your windsurfing experience with the Triple Xtension – where innovation meets ease of use.