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Severne Mach 1 '18

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"Unleash Speed and Performance with Severne Mach 1 '18 - Racing Sail Excellence"


Experience the pinnacle of racing sail technology with the Severne Mach 1 '18. Crafted for speed and precision, this sailing masterpiece from 2018 continues to set the standard for high-performance racing sails.

The Severne Mach 1 '18 boasts cutting-edge design and materials, ensuring optimal aerodynamics and responsiveness on the water. Whether you're a competitive racer or an avid windsurfing enthusiast, this sail delivers the power and control needed to dominate the racecourse.

Elevate your windsurfing experience with the Severne Mach 1 '18 - where speed meets innovation for an unparalleled sailing adventure. Unleash the full potential of your windsurfing setup with this iconic racing sail, designed to conquer the waves with style and efficiency.