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Severne Dyno V4

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Severne Dyno v4 - Freewave

Fast Freewave

Epic Jumping

Early Planing

The Severne Dyno is the go-to board for all-round windsurfing conditions. This next generation Dyno maintains the tried and proven geometry and characteristics that the Dyno is known for.

Compared to the Nano:

  • flatter, faster rocker to increase speed
  • Earlier planing, with a volume distribution further back increasing lift
  • Lighter feel and lower drag reduces load in the rig providing a free feeling

Compared to the Fox:

  • More manoeuvrable, due to more rocker and finer rails
  • Better jumping, with an Nano-like outline but with added speed, made for air
  • More compact, shorter ands narrower

The Dyno is available in five sizes; 85, 95, 105, 115 and 125