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Rail Saver Tape

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The Stand Up Paddle Board Rail Saver Tape is the perfect tape to protect your Stand Up Paddle Board's rails. It doesn't matter whether it's a beach with lots of stones, a reef break ... or whether you load / unload your board to the roof of your car, the board's rails are protected!



  • The Stand Up Paddle Rail Saver Tape is as well suitable for windsurf boards.
  • 4 different transparent colours to choose from clear, transparent, and with our Railsavertape logo printed.
  • Self adhesive tape.
  • Blends perfectly in with the colour of your board.
  • Every set contains 2 tapes of 190cm length and 6cm of width. The surface of the tape is very much low friction and will protect your board from bashes impacts and scratches with a minimum on weight.
  • Never ever scratches from stones or any other obstacles on the way to and from the water, even if you get a ding on the rail the tape will help to keep the water out.
  • The railsavertape is very easy to apply.
  • Our Rail Saver Tape is UV resistant and with a clear transparent adhesive.
  • Made and designed in Germany and stands for guaranteed quality and durability.
  • 100% of its packaging is recyclable.