PPC GLIDE Foil Wing Board Carbon Moulded

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Size: 6'3'' - 128L
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A dedicated foil board for wing foiling! 100% designed for wing foiling, the PPC glide foil board could be the strongest / lightest foil board on the market. Built with windsurf (not surf board) technology in the best factory in the world, our boards are designed to get an absolute beating & remain in one piece. With a zero failure rate for our first 200 on the market we know you will appreciate the build of these boards. We offer a 24-month warranty, as we are 100% confident in our boards.

When riding the GLIDE get the most direct, responsive feel to the foil due to the stiffness & rigidity of our special moulded core technology. No other company is doing this as it involves investing in moulds per board size.

Size Volume Weight
5’7″ x 25.5″ 99 L 5.92 kg
6’3 x 27″ 128 L 6.98 kg
Regular price £1,099.00
Regular price £1,550.00 Sale price £1,099.00