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Point 7 K97 RDM Mast - 430cm

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RDM-I: Reduce Diameter- Inverted.

Once you take out the mast from its mast bag, do not be thinking that something is wrong. The ferrule is part of the top, and not part of the bottom anymore. Therefore, the rdm is now being called RDM-I. After testing with our wave team, the masts, we have discovered that landing hard flat or nosedive jumps, was creating extra stress to the top, where the ferrule would enter it. By having the ferrule being part of the top, the stress is taken out and the tops do not suffer the extra stress that could bring in the worst case to breakages. We have decided to clean up our RDM-I range by offering 2 very distinctive models. The K87 and the K97. 87% carbon mast to bring a durable mast with the highest carbon % possible. A 100% carbon mast is the K97, but with extra reinforcements to give the extra durability to the normal 100%, making itself a 97% carbon mast. A new rubber cap at the joints, to clean up the inside part of the mast from dirt, while uniting the top to the base.

RDM-I: Reduce Diameter.

K97 CARBON MAST: The best possible performance for your sail for tough riders and conditions. Great pumping response, acceleration, light feel and absorption of the hardest conditions for optimal comfort and control. Extra reinforcements added to increase strength for toughest conditions. Inverted ferrule for higher balance and structural strength. Knowing the mast will used in waves and strong wind slalom, we made sure to add the extra reinforcements to increase strength for toughest conditions. Bringing a 100% mast close to the durability of an 80% carbon mast.

WHY THIS MAST: No compromise in its performance. Best reflex and light weight. If you choose this mast, it’s because you want to have the best possible product on the market. Probably the lightest mast with this percentage.