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Point-7 F1 Vario Harness Lines

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Size: 30-36"
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Introducing the Point-7 F1 Vario Harness Lines: Precision-engineered for foil racing and youth classes, the F1 Vario offers an effortless and performance-driven solution for foiling enthusiasts.

Effortless: Featuring the Original BLACK Clamp Cleat System with a wide loop, adjusting the length is a breeze—literally placing it within two fingers. Tailored for all foiling activities and ideal for youth class racing, these harness lines ensure a hassle-free experience.

Performance: Experience a new level of performance with these lines that eliminate swinging, tangling, and twisting, even when extended to 100% of their maximum length. Say goodbye to the challenges that foil riders often face. The F1 Vario ensures easy hooking in and out without compromising the balance of the foil.

Empirical: Designed with extra-long sizes to provide maximum control in various wind conditions, the F1 Vario is available in four different sizes: 26-32 | 30-36 | 34-40 | 38-44 | 40-46. This range allows riders to choose the perfect fit for their specific needs, ensuring a customised and comfortable foiling experience.

Elevate your foiling adventures with the Point-7 F1 Vario Harness Lines—a blend of innovation, functionality, and tailored design for those passionate about foil racing and youth classes. Experience the freedom to foil without the usual challenges, and enjoy the control and ease these harness lines bring to your wind-riding pursuits.