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North Ultimate Carbon Boom X-Over

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Size: 165cm - 205cm
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Elevate your windsurfing experience with Ultimate Carbon Booms, setting the standard for the windsurf boom trifecta: achieving maximum stiffness and strength with minimal weight. Our FEM optimised lay-up strategically places material in high-stress areas, allowing for removal in low-stress zones. This results in an advanced monocoque front end and a single-piece carbon-reinforced boom head. Versatility is paramount, as the boom head seamlessly fits all masts, including RDM (with Shim), MDM, or SDM.

Key Features:

  1. X-Over Optimised Boom Curve: Tailored for ultimate versatility, our booms feature an X-Over optimised curve suitable for large wave sails or small race sails. This ensures peak performance across various windsurfing styles and sail types.

  2. Variable Diameter Boom Arms: Enjoy superior control and comfort with variable diameter boom arms, providing a responsive and customisable grip to suit your individual preferences and sailing techniques.

  3. Plastic Adjustment Clips & Pins / Fiber Reinforced: Our booms are equipped with plastic adjustment clips and pins, reinforced with durable fibers. This ensures secure and reliable adjustments, offering a seamless and worry-free sailing experience.

Experience a turbocharged sail, performing at its maximum design potential. Drive your sail with unmatched responsiveness, receiving instant feedback with a simple flick of the wrist. Ultimate Carbon Booms represent a unique fusion of design, materials, and technology, inviting you to Go Beyond the ordinary. Elevate your windsurfing adventures with the pinnacle of performance and satisfaction.