By Neil Pryde

Neil Pryde SPX90 RDM Mast

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Size: 460cm
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Regular price £599.00
Regular price £599.00 Sale price £599.00

More is less. Being a tiny bit heavier than 100% carbon masts due to a lower carbon percentage (95% and 90% respectively), the RDM and SDM fully convince with their durability, giving you extra safety and strength.


TPX and SPX masts are finished using our unique, “Shark skin” surface texture layer. This low friction surface finish prevents wet materials from sticking to the mast surface and reduces friction.

Length/cm Stiffness Weight/kg Code
340 15 1.3 RMSPX90R0STD340
370 17 1.4 RMSPX90R0STD370
400 19 1.5 RMSPX90R0STD400
430 21 1.7 RMSPX90R0STD430