By Neil Pryde

Neil Pryde Ryde HD 2023

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SKU: SD_02090
Color: Deep purple / Aqua
Size: 5.7m
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Regular price £636.65
Regular price £749.00 Sale price £636.65

Introducing the Neil Pryde Ryde HD 2023, our most user-friendly and cost-effective freeride sail that embodies the pure joy of windsurfing. Quick to rig and effortlessly light in the hands, the Ryde HD is a stable and smooth sail designed to boost your confidence in gybes, waterstarts, and straight-line speed.

Key Features:

1. Innovation at its Core:

  • Designed and meticulously tested at our Neil Pryde Maui Design Center by Robert Stroj.
  • Further refined through invaluable feedback from our team riders worldwide.
  • Our commitment to excellence leaves no stone unturned, ensuring the Ryde HD stands out as a leader in its category.

2. Ryde Construction Highlights:

  • Custom Printed Monofilm Panels: Vibrant colors that endure, thanks to internally laminated upper panels.
  • Continuous Luff Panel: A design shared across our no-cam Freeride range for consistent performance.
  • X-Ply Window: The fusion of strength and responsiveness in the X-Ply center window makes it our strongest Freeride sail construction.

3. Sail Features:

  • Wide Range of Use: Whether you're into flat water blasting or seeking speed, the Ryde HD delivers with one extra batten for added stability and a slightly racier outline.
  • Ease of Use: From stable profiles to easy rigging, water starting, and jibing, the Ryde HD gets you on the water swiftly, ensuring you enjoy every session to the fullest.
  • Fin or Foil: Equally comfortable on fin or foil, the Ryde HD complements various freeride boards, from the Freestyle Wave to the Super Sport.
  • 6 Batten Layout: Stability, comfortable power, and control in high winds are guaranteed with the 6 batten layout, even with medium to high downhaul tension.
  • No Cams: Experience the quickest rigging, along with easy waterstarting and gybing, thanks to the absence of cams.

The Neil Pryde Ryde HD 2023 is your ticket to an enhanced windsurfing adventure. Step into faster flat water blasting, confident gybes, and exhilarating speed – all wrapped up in a sail designed for pure enjoyment.

5.7 416 178 16/2 4.0 6 0 400 RDM 430 RDM Vario Top (50cm)
6.2 432 184 2/32 4.1 6 0 430 RDM / SDM 400 RDM Fixed Head
6.7 452 190 22 4.3 6 0 430 RDM / SDM Fixed Head
7.2 464 199 34/4 4.5 6 0 430 RDM / SDM 460 RDM/SDM Fixed Head
7.7 476 208 16/46 4.8 6 0 460 SDM 430 SDM Fixed Head