By Neil Pryde

Neil Pryde Glide Surf Foil Slim M (Wing only)

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Experience unparalleled compatibility and versatility with the Neil Pryde Glide Medium Slim wing, seamlessly integrating into the complete Glide Foil range. This exceptional wing is designed to enhance your foiling experience and is adaptable to various components:

  • Compatible with the Wind & Surf Fuselage for a seamless connection.
  • Fits effortlessly on different mast lengths, catering to your specific preferences and needs.
  • Versatile compatibility with all fin box systems, including Powerbox and Tuttlebox, providing flexibility and convenience.

As affirmed by SURF magazine, the Neil Pryde Glide Wind Medium Slim Foil stands out as an ideal choice for foil beginners to sporty freeriders. Its controllability shines, allowing for a controlled lift even in high winds, maintaining a normal cruising altitude with minimal effort. Gybes are executed with precision, offering stability without excessive lift but with impressive load capacity. The introduction of the "new" 80 mast ensures optimal flying height, while the comparatively shorter fuselage position enhances pumping ease.

Introducing the NEW MEDIUM SLIM WINGS, a groundbreaking development geared towards advanced foilers looking to elevate their foiling setup. These wings are engineered for increased speed, the ability to take off on higher waves, and the freedom to execute tighter turns. Make the most of your foiling adventures with the Neil Pryde Glide Medium Slim wing and unlock a new realm of possibilities on the water.