By Neil Pryde

Neil Pryde Fly Wing 2023

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Color: Blue C1
Size: 6.0m
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Regular price £1,069.00
Regular price £1,069.00 Sale price £1,069.00

Introducing the Neil Pryde Wing FLY: Unleash the Power of Wing Foiling

Experience the new sensation of wing foiling with the Neil Pryde Wing FLY, a high-performance wing designed to revolutionise your riding experience. With its high lift and ultra-efficient design, the FLY offers a game-changing range and power, allowing you to use a significantly smaller wing than usual for each set of conditions.

The FLY's innovative high lift concept is made possible by its refined LE geometry and entry shaping. These features enable each wing to generate maximum lift, resulting in exceptional power and acceleration for its size. By increasing the wing's range, riders can enjoy the benefits of a smaller wing, which translates to easier handling and greater manoeuvrability on the water.

One of the standout features of the FLY is its high tension canopy with structured camber lens. The 3D shape of the canopy leading edge is meticulously designed with transverse panels converging at the wingtips. This ingenious design leverages the LE Tube structure to optimise tension in critical entry sections. The outcome is remarkable lift and a higher stall angle, enhancing acceleration in light winds. Moreover, this design allows the wing to maintain efficiency at low angles of attack, enabling better control and higher top speeds in strong winds.

Enhancing overall performance and stability is the vented strut, which features a large opening between the LE and the front of the fill panel. This design allows pressure equalization across both sides of the wing, resulting in improved performance and even greater stability. With the FLY, you can confidently take on any conditions mother nature throws at you.

Safety and convenience are key considerations in the FLY's design. The wing features independent LE and Strut Valves, creating two separate air chambers for added safety. Additionally, the Leading Edge stiffness is increased, preventing the strut from acting as an expansion chamber. This design also enables quick deflation when needed, making it easier to transport and store the wing. The FLY's bladder, made in Germany, guarantees durability and reliability, ensuring your wing withstands the test of time.

The performance-driven static tension distribution of NP wings is similar to that of a windsurf sail. With maximum tension forward that gradually relaxes towards the trailing edge, the FLY achieves a superior flying shape. The camber remains locked forward, while the clean trailing edge enhances overall performance.

Unlock the true potential of wing foiling with the Neil Pryde Wing FLY. Experience the power, control, and exhilaration it offers. Invest in the FLY today and elevate your wing foiling experience to new heights.


m2 PSI PSI mm
1.4 1 Piece Window 10 10 1000
1.8 1 Piece Window 10 10 1000
2.2 1 Piece Window 9.5 9.5 1000
2.5 2 Piece Window 9.5 9.5 1000
2.9 2 Piece Window 9 9 1000
3.3 2 Piece Window 9 9 1200
3.6 2 Piece Window 9 9 1200
4.0 2 Piece Window 8.5 8.5 1200
4.3 2 Piece Window 8.5 8.5 1200
4.7 2 Piece Window 8.5 8.5 1200
5.0 2 Piece Window 8 8.5 1400
5.4 2 Piece Window 8 8.5 1400
5.7 2 Piece Window 7.5 8 1400
6.0 2 Piece Window 7.5 8 1400