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Manera Water Cap

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The Manera Water Cap is a specialised headgear designed for water sports enthusiasts, offering protection both in and out of the water. Here are the key features and characteristics:

  1. Super Light and Waterproof Material: The WATERCAP is crafted from a super light and waterproof boardshort material. This design choice ensures that the cap remains lightweight and does not absorb water, providing comfort during and after water sessions.

  2. Comfortable Fit: The fit of the cap has been specifically developed to offer comfort during various water sports activities. It is designed to stay securely on the head, even in challenging conditions such as strong winds or duck dives.

  3. Versatile Use: The cap is suitable for a range of water-related activities, including kiteboarding, winging, surfing, or any other water sports where protection and comfort are essential.

  4. Breathable Design: The WATERCAP incorporates a side mesh that allows air to flow, preventing overheating. This feature is particularly valuable on hot summer days, ensuring breathability during use.

  5. Quick Drying: The waterproof fabric of the cap ensures that it does not retain water and dries rapidly. This quick-drying characteristic allows users to continue wearing the cap comfortably after completing their water session.

  6. UV Protection: The cap is designed to withstand UV rays, offering protection from the sun's harmful effects during extended periods of sun exposure.

  7. Durable Construction: Built to withstand the elements, the WATERCAP is made to endure exposure to saltwater, strong winds, and waves. This durability makes it suitable for use in various water conditions.

  8. Secure for High-Speed Activities: The WATERCAP is engineered to remain secure even during high-speed activities such as kiting or winging. Its design accounts for the forces exerted during these activities, offering a reliable and comfortable fit.

In summary, the Manera Water Cap is a versatile and purpose-built accessory for water sports enthusiasts, providing a combination of comfort, protection, and durability for a range of activities on the water.