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Manera Vagabond Impact VEST

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The Manera Vagabond Impact Vest sizing runs small. For example, if you usually wear a medium, we highly suggest sizing up and ordering a large.


The Manera Vagabond Impact Vest is specifically designed for riders engaging in new disciplines such as wing foiling and downwinding, where offshore adventures and potential risks are involved. Here are the key characteristics and features of the VAGABOND Impact Vest:

  1. Compact & Lightweight Design:

    • The VAGABOND is designed to be compact and lightweight, providing riders with a vest that offers a balance between protection and freedom of movement.
    • The thin 15mm foam layer ensures that the vest is minimally intrusive and allows riders to focus on their activity without feeling weighed down.
  2. Ready to Escape:

    • The vest is equipped with essential tools and features to enhance safety during offshore adventures.
    • Individual PLASTIMO flashlight, whistle, reflective prints, and leash attachments for accessories (caps, VHF, phone case, etc.) are included.
    • These features are aimed at ensuring riders are prepared and "Ready to Escape" in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Cut-Resistant Jersey:

    • The vest incorporates a specific cut-resistant jersey to minimize the risk of injuries caused by kite lines, foils, or other sharp objects encountered during water sports activities.
  4. Big Pockets for Convenience:

    • Two large front pockets are designed to accommodate tools, snacks, phones, or other small items that riders may need during extended sessions.
    • The pockets are constructed with airprene, allowing water to instantly leak out if it comes into contact with them.
  5. Safety and Visibility:

    • Reflective prints on the vest enhance visibility, providing an added safety feature during low-light conditions or emergencies.
  6. Minimalist and Comfortable:

    • The VAGABOND Impact Vest is developed with a minimalist approach, ensuring that riders are not compelled but happy to wear it.
    • The focus on comfort is evident in the design, allowing riders to move freely and comfortably.
  7. Protection for Offshore Riding:

    • Tailored for riders who want to push their skill levels while maintaining safety, the vest is suitable for those heading offshore to tackle challenging conditions and waves.

In summary, the Vagabond Impact Vest by Manera is a purpose-built accessory for riders venturing into new water sports disciplines, providing a lightweight, comfortable, and safety-enhanced solution for offshore adventures. The inclusion of essential tools and features makes it a reliable choice for riders looking to stay prepared and secure during their sessions.