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Manera F-One Surf FOIL Board Bag

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Size: 4'4" (135 x 60)
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Infos & Characteristics

The Surf foil bag comes with a different entry system; It is designed to be able to protect the board while the mast is attached. It features a high protective foam and we used velcros instead of zipper so the board doesn’t get damaged.

Very handy when you have to assemble your foil on concrete and you need a protective mattress.


Our bags are built in premium Polyester 600D, this is a shock, tear, UV and water resistant material. It guarantees the best durability to our products.

Our Daybags are built in a shock, tear, UV and water resistant material for the best durability.

Sleeve Velcro Closure

Our Daybags now feature a Velcro closure located near the board’s tail. This folding sleeve Velcro closure is durable, convenient, and simple to care for. It’s easy to open or close the bag and provides strong security.

Velcro Pocket

This large outside pocket closing with a Velcro strap allows you to store all your board’s essentials, whether it’s wax, fins, or screws and nuts.

Mast Access

This specific design on all our foil bags allows you to put your board in its bag with the mast still on.