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IQ Foil Mast 95 Carbon

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Unleash Performance and Control with the Starboard iQFoil 95 Carbon Mast

Introducing the iQFoil 95cm Carbon mast from Starboard – an exceptional upgrade that redefines performance, control, and wind range in foilboarding. Built with precision and innovation, this mast stands out with its extra-stiff design, crafted from 44 layers of ultra-high modulus pre-preg carbon fiber. Elevate your foilboarding experience with the iQFoil 95 Carbon mast

Key Features:

  1. Ultimate Performance Upgrade:

    • The iQFoil 95 Carbon mast is an extra-stiff version of the standard 95cm Carbon mast, offering heightened performance that translates to controlled flight and enhanced stability.
  2. Advanced Carbon Construction:

    • Crafted with many layers of ultra-high modulus pre-preg carbon fiber, ensuring a monolithic mast of incredible stiffness.
    • Starboard's commitment to quality is evident, with the mast constructed in 100% pre-preg carbon, incorporating high-modulus uni-axial, bi-axial, and tri-axial Toray carbon layers.
  3. Forget Weight, Embrace Stiffness:

    • In foilboarding, stiffness and torsional rigidity are paramount for controlled flight. The iQFoil 95 Carbon mast prioritises these factors over weight and flex to deliver maximum stability and performance.
  4. Wider Wind Range:

    • The extra-stiff design expands the wind range, allowing you to foil confidently in a broader range of conditions.
    • Enjoy controlled flight and exceptional performance regardless of wind intensity.
  5. Optimized Shape for Superior Stiffness:

    • Computer-simulated analysis reveals that the Starboard mast, shaped with precision, is up to 52% stiffer than traditional masts.
    • The optimized shape enhances both flexural and torsional stiffness, contributing to a more stable and controlled foilboarding experience.
  6. Upgrade Available Separately:

    • The iQFoil 95 Carbon mast is available as a standalone upgrade item, providing foil enthusiasts with the flexibility to enhance their existing setup.
  7. Hydraulic Pressing and Fusion:

    • The mast undergoes a meticulous construction process, including hydraulic pressing and fusion of the carbon layers.
    • The result is a monolithic mast that meets the highest standards of rigidity and durability.

Experience the next level of foilboarding with the Starboard iQFoil 95 Carbon mast – where stiffness meets innovation for unparalleled performance and control on the water. Upgrade your setup and elevate your foilboarding adventures with this exceptional piece of engineering from Starboard.