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Honu SUPer Hand Pump

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A powerful, dual-action hand pump with folding feet and removable handles for easy transport with a simplified gauge mounted onto the pump body for easy reading.

We aren't pump designers at Honu and don't pretend to be, which is why we partnered with the Italian brand Bravo to create our SUPer pump. We wanted the best when deciding which pumps to include with our boards, which is why we partnered with Bravo. Every detail of the pump is customised for us, even down to the simplified gauge design.

The SUPer pump is a light, double-action pump. This means that there are two modes. Mode #2 is the high volume mode that quickly gets your board full of air. When switched to mode #1, the pump only transfers air on the downstroke, allowing higher pressures. Reading the pressure is easy with the simplified gauge that is mounted on the pump body. The SUPer pump can also deflate your boards by simply moving the hose from the body to the handle.

With folding feet and handles that can be unscrewed, then mounted or stored separately, the pump fits neatly in your board bag. Honu SUPer pump is a great upgrade for anyone looking for a replacement pump and is backed by a 12-month replacement warranty.

Weight 1.2 kg
Size 65 x 16 x 14 cm
Pressure Range 3-29 PSI
Valve Compatibility Honu / H3-HR
Modes Dual Action / Single Action
Function Inflate / Deflate