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Honu Evolution Carbon Bamboo Paddle 3 Piece

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Hand-crafted Allrounder

Advanced shape, pre-preg carbon, and a sleek matte finish meet to create this stunning piece of craftsmanship. The modern double dihedral blade provides perfect control and power for optimum versatility in a SUP paddle.

The Evolution Bamboo SUP paddle combines striking form with the most advanced materials available today. The modern blade shape blends the control and predictability of a tear-drop blade with a racing paddle's power. This carefully crafted shape makes the Honu Evolution SUP paddle your single paddle quiver.

The double dihedral blade was painstakingly designed on a foundation of high-density PET foam to make the blade stroke smooth and controlled without feathering through the water. This feature will be appreciated by both beginners and experts alike. Six sheets of carbon and a single veneer of bamboo are carefully layered to create the perfect blade structure. The second dihedral profile on the front side provides the blade's rigidity, transferring every ounce of power from the paddler.

We paired the versatile SUP paddle blade with our 32mm carbon three-piece shaft for easy travel and storage. The shaft has been crafted from uni-direction and 12K pre-impregnated carbon. This high-quality finish provides the paddler with a textured feel that offers both grip and confidence.

We constructed both the blade and the shaft using pre-preg carbon. This process involves a technician meticulously cutting each shape by hand and pressing the layers into a mold. Once complete, the structure is cured under pressure and heat in an autoclave. This industry-leading process produces carbon structures that are ~30% lighter and stronger than standard carbon alternatives.

Blade Length 420 mm
Blade Width 180 mm
Blade Area 496 mm
Blade Angle 8.75
Adjustable Length 170 to 225 cm
Blade Material 12k Pre-preg Carbon/ Bamboo
Shaft Material 12k Pre-preg Carbon
Shaft Diameter 28 mm
Weight 620 grams