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Honu Element Paddle 3 Piece Surf Break

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Like its namesake in nature, the Element Paddle is simple and strong, with everything you need. Nothing more, nothing less. Features an anti-twist carbon shaft paired with an indestructible nylon blade.

The Element Paddle combines a virtually indestructible nylon blade with the same high quality carbon-fiber shaft found on our more expensive Evolution paddles. The carbon shaft not only makes the paddle lighter and stronger, it features a flex pattern that is easier on the paddler and more responsive in the water, making it easy for beginners to become confident paddlers.

The reinforced nylon blade is the most durable blade type available and will stand up to the harshest treatment. Reinforcing ribs run from the shaft connection down the center and edges to produce a strong and responsive blade. The 'V' notched handle ensures it does not twist and stays aligned with the blade. This makes quick out on the water length changes easy.

Like all Honu products, the Evolution Paddle is designed to last and isn't a throw-away entry-level paddle often found in the market. Long after paddlers decide to upgrade to a higher performance carbon blade, the Element remains a reliable back-up option.

Blade Length 415 mm
Blade Width 217 mm
Blade Area 609 mm
Blade Angle 11
Adjustable Length 170-225 cm
Blade Material Nylon
Shaft Material Pre-preg 3K Carbon Fiber
Shaft Diameter 28 mm
Weight 790 grams