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Honu Element Junior Paddle 3 Piece

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A perfect fit

Designed for the younger paddlers in the family. A durable nylon blade with a 25mm shaft makes a small, light, and easy-to-handle paddle.

The Element Jnr paddle is smaller in every way. The blade area is around 40% smaller than a full-size paddle with the adjustable length and shaft diameter designed to suit paddlers around 6-12 years of age. The scaled-down proportions provide younger paddlers with the opportunity to learn proper technique early and provides confidence and control out on the water.

The reinforced nylon blade is the most durable blade type available and will stand up to the harshest treatment. The 3-pieces are easily assembled and broken down via the single screw clamps, also making the paddle easy to adjust out on the water. Like it's full-sized relative, the fiberglass provides flex through the paddle stroke, providing maximum control and stability for the paddler.

Blade Length 330 cm
Blade Width 160 cm
Blade Area 374 cm
Blade Angle 12.3
Adjustable Length 128 to 166 cm
Blade Material Nylon
Shaft Material Fiberglass
Shaft Diameter 25 mm
Weight 530 grams