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Honu Bondi 9'3'' iSUP with Package Options

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Colour: Outer Reef
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Regular price £639.00
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The Honu Bondi SUP comes as standard with board bag, leash, fin & repair kit. But does not include a pump at the start price. You can add PUMP options, like the Honu HAND or Honu ELECTRIC Pumps as well as a range of different paddle options from alu, to our Honu Carbon Paddles.

Small, fast & fun

This is the paddle board for those wanting to hit-up their local break with confidence. The Bondi is light, fast, and responsive setting a new standard for inflatable surfing SUP's. Constructed with our X-Woven & fused drop stitch technology.

Introducing the Honu Stand up Paddle Board Bondi, available at Surf Doctor in the UK. Experience the ultimate thrill of catching waves with the Bondi Hybrid-Surf, an allrounder/Surfing SUP designed to provide the perfect balance between wave-riding excitement and the convenience of a lightweight inflatable stand up paddle board. Say goodbye to the hassle of transporting a bulky board, as the Bondi fits effortlessly into compact spaces like small cars and closets.

Unleash your surfing potential with the Bondi's exceptional wave-carving capabilities, ensuring a real SUP surf experience on your local waves. Additionally, its versatility shines through as it comfortably accommodates social flat water cruises.

The Bondi stand up paddle board comes with the all-new Honu Compact 185 fin-box that has been specially designed to fit industry standard FCS II fins. At just 275mm long, the Honu & FCS fin system is compact for easy packing and completely tool less. This means the Bondi can be customised with any fin size or style you would like... But if you're like most, and just want good and convenient, which is why we supply you with an FCS II 9" surf fin for quick, easy, and reliable installation. This fin-box and fin combination is unique to Honu and places our boards into a league of their own.

Constructed with our X-Woven & fused drop-stitch material, the Bondi is lighter and more rigid than anything else out there. The "X-Woven technology" refers to the PVC reinforcing pattern within the material, which is something you will feel in the board's stiffness. We combine this with stacked 150mm stringers and triple-bonded rails, all working together to produce a board that is light, responsive, and strong.

The quality of materials and construction allows us to offer our 4-years total-care warranty, a new industry benchmark.

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Length 9'3"
Width 31'
Thickness 4.7'
Volume 206 l
Rider Weight 85-220 lbs
Material Double layer X-woven drop stitch
Construction Triple layered rails + stringer
Fin System Honu 185 Fix Box - FCS II 9" Centre - Honeycomb side fins
Inclusions Bag, coil leash, repair kit, Fins
Board Weight 7.1 Kg (15.6 lbs)