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Goya Mast Ultra Pro RDM - 100%C

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Size: 340cm
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Regular price £639.00
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RDM Reduced Diameter Mast

The Ultra Pro is the ultimate mast for Foil, Freestyle and Freeride, emphasizing utmost lightweight performance. Its 400 weight is only 1.3 kg.

Use with caution. Warranty expires in wave conditions, surf and shore-break.

All Goya Windsurfing RDM masts (except for the Ninety Pro) are now interchangeable, between carbon contents and lengths. Your choice of mast is based on budget and performance requirements. The bend curve is the same across the whole range. Your sails will shape and twist correctly on any Goya Windsurfing mast. The higher the carbon content, the more quick, light and reactive the mast, and with it your entire rig, will feel.

Available in 340, 370, 400, 430, 460, 490 centimeters.

Comes in Diagonal Flex™ technology.
Peel Ply anti-slip boom area prevents sliding.
Built with same length sections for easy handling.