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GA-Sails Pure 2024

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Color: C1 Blue
Size: 4.0
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GA Sails PURE 2024: Unleash Your Freestyle Windsurfing Potential

The GA Sails Pure 2024 is not just a sail; it's a freestyle weapon designed to unlock the full potential of your freestyle windsurfing skills. Following its success as the FUERTE PWA 3RD PLACE winner in 2023, the Pure 2024 continues to push the boundaries of freestyle windsurfing.

Key Features:

  1. 2-Ply Construction for Direct Feeling:

    • The Pure 2024 introduces a new 2-Ply construction that provides a uniquely direct feeling in moves, offering loads of control and power. This innovative construction maintains a light and durable structure, ensuring that you can push your freestyle moves to the limit with confidence.
  2. Enhanced Power and Control:

    • Ducking the Pure and loading up power for the next move is now easier and more controllable than ever before. This improvement enhances your progression in freestyle windsurfing, allowing you to take your skills to new heights. The sail is designed to deliver raw power, providing maximum pop for incredible moves and rotations.
  3. One-Piece Mast Sleeve for Lightness and Stretch:

    • A new one-piece mast sleeve design contributes to enhanced lightness and stretch, resulting in a precise shape and flex characteristics. This feature ensures that the Pure responds precisely to your movements, giving you the control you need for radical freestyle maneuvers.
  4. Maximum Pop and Neutrality in the Air:

    • The Pure is engineered for maximum pop, translating into neutrality in the air during rotations. This design allows you to defy gravity and express your creativity in freestyle windsurfing without limits. Feel the freedom of weightlessness and unleash your most radical rotations with the Pure.
  5. Available Sizes and Colors:

    • The Pure 2024 is available in sizes 4.0, 4.4, 4.8, and 5.2, catering to different wind conditions and rider preferences. Choose the size that suits your style and embark on a freestyle windsurfing adventure with the Pure. The sail is offered in distinctive colors: C1 (Blue) and C7 (Gold).
  6. Quality Craftsmanship:

    • GA Windsurfing is committed to quality, advanced technology, and innovation. Each Pure sail is crafted with the right combination of materials to achieve the perfect mix of lightness, durability, power, and handling. The development process is meticulously planned to deliver a sail that offers unique and exceptional windsurfing performance.

Unfold Your Creativity:

  • The GA Sails Pure 2024 is not just a sail; it's your ticket to unfold your creativity in freestyle windsurfing. Whether you're aiming for radical rotations, maximum pop, or pushing your progression, the Pure is designed to meet the demands of freestyle enthusiasts. Embrace the power, control, and neutrality of the Pure, and redefine your freestyle windsurfing experience!


Pure 4,0 380 148 370 17 10 4 Fixed 0 RDM 2.92
Pure 4.4 393 156 370 17 24 4 Fixed 0 RDM 3.06
Pure 4.8 412 160 400 19 12 4 Fixed 0 RDM 3.2
Pure 5.2 424 170 400 19 24 4 Fixed 0 RDM 3.36