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GA-Sails Mast SDM 70 2024

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Experience exceptional value and cutting-edge technology with the GA-Sails Mast SDM 70 2024, a mast that brings unbeatable performance to freetime sailors.

Unrivaled Value: The 70 SDM mast stands out by offering unrivaled value, presenting a product built with the latest pre-preg technologies. This mast is a testament to GA-Sails' commitment to providing high-quality equipment at an accessible price point.

Latest Pre-preg Technologies: Built with the latest pre-preg technologies, the 70 SDM mast ensures a modern and advanced construction. This technology enhances the mast's performance, durability, and responsiveness on the water, providing freetime sailors with a product that exceeds expectations.

Ideal for Freetime Sailors: Tailored for freetime sailors seeking a mast that combines longevity with exceptional performance, the 70 SDM is the perfect choice. It outlasts many other options on the market while delivering performance beyond expectations, making it an ideal companion for leisurely windsurfing adventures.

Upgrade to the GA-Sails Mast SDM 70 2024 and enjoy unbeatable value, advanced technology, and reliable performance—a mast designed to enhance your freetime sailing experiences with excellence. It's the perfect choice for those who seek both durability and top-tier performance in their windsurfing pursuits.




Regular price £349.00
Regular price £349.00 Sale price £349.00