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GA-Sails Mast SDM 50 2024

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Regular price £259.00
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Introducing the GA-Sails Mast SDM 50 2024—a price point performer that gets you out on the water with ease, offering reliability and performance for windsurfers at an accessible price.

Price Point Performer: The 50% carbon mast is designed as a price point performer, providing an affordable yet effective solution for windsurfers looking to get out on the water without compromising on quality.

Reduced Diameter for Easy Rigging: Featuring a reduced diameter, the SDM 50 mast makes rigging your sails a breeze. This design enhancement facilitates a smoother rigging process, ensuring a hassle-free setup for windsurfers of all levels.

Increased Wall Thickness for Strength: To enhance strength and dependability, the mast's wall thickness has been increased. This improvement ensures a robust and reliable performance, giving windsurfers the confidence to navigate various conditions.

The GA-Sails Mast SDM 50 2024 is your ticket to affordable windsurfing without sacrificing quality. With its reduced diameter for easy rigging and increased wall thickness for strength, this mast offers a dependable solution for those starting their windsurfing journey or seeking an economical option for their rig setup.