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GA-Sails Mast RDM FOXX 2024

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Equip the next generation of windsurfers with the GA-Sails Mast RDM FOXX 2024 - FOXX, specially designed to complement FOXX Sails for junior riders. This mast is crafted to provide the right balance of lightweight performance and durability, ensuring a lasting and efficient rig setup for young windsurfers.

Harmonious Compatibility: The FOXX mast is developed to work in perfect harmony with FOXX Sails, creating a seamless combination that maximizes performance for junior windsurfers. The harmonious compatibility ensures that the mast complements the sail's design, allowing young riders to experience the full potential of their equipment.

Super Lightweight: Designed with juniors in mind, the FOXX mast is super lightweight, making it easier for young riders to handle and maneuver. This lightweight construction contributes to a more enjoyable and less strenuous windsurfing experience for aspiring young talents.

Durable for Long-Lasting Setup: Built with durability in mind, the FOXX mast is constructed to withstand the demands of learning and progressing in windsurfing. This ensures a long-lasting rig setup that can accompany junior riders throughout their windsurfing journey.

Empower young windsurfers with the right equipment—introduce them to the GA-Sails Mast RDM FOXX 2024. With its harmonious compatibility, super lightweight design, and durability, this mast sets the stage for a positive and progressive windsurfing experience for the next generation of enthusiasts.