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GA-Sails IQ - ME 2024

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Color: C3 Blue
Size: 3.6
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Regular price £1,029.00
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GA Sails IQ ME 2024: Redefining Windsurfing Excellence

Elevate your windsurfing experience with the GA Sails IQ ME, a sail that transcends boundaries by integrating cutting-edge membrane technology for an unparalleled combination of lightness, responsiveness, and durability.

Key Features:

  1. Next-Level Membrane Technology:

    • The IQ ME takes the excellence of GA Sails' IQ-HD sails to the next level through the integration of cutting-edge membrane technology. This innovative approach aligns Technora fibers within the laminate of the sail panels, following a curved path radiating from the sail's corners.
  2. Continuous Panel Layout:

    • The sail features a continuous panel layout, ensuring uninterrupted fibers along the entire load-bearing path. There are no cuts under the batten pockets, allowing super low-stretch Technora fibers to bear the majority of the sail's loads. This design enables the use of a thinner film, resulting in a significantly lighter sail.
  3. Infinite Lightness:

    • Experience a sail that embodies infinite lightness. The IQ ME is as responsive as it is durable, as agile as it is powerful, and as light as it is reliable. The sail's design prioritizes reducing weight without compromising performance, providing an inimitably light feeling on the water.
  4. Versatile Size Options:

    • The GA Sails IQ ME is available in various size options (3.6, 4.0, 4.4, 4.8, 5.2, 5.6), catering to different preferences and wind conditions. Whether you're seeking a smaller sail for higher winds or a larger one for lighter conditions, the IQ ME offers versatility for diverse windsurfing sessions.

Quality, Advanced Technology, and Innovation:

  • At GA Windsurfing, the goal is to provide every surfer with the perfect sail for their demands. This commitment is reflected in the implementation of the right materials and features for each application area. The IQ ME showcases the brand's dedication to quality, advanced technology, and innovation, ensuring a sail that delivers unique windsurfing performance.

Embark on a New Era of Windsurfing:

  • The GA Sails IQ ME is a testament to innovation and engineering excellence. Redefine your windsurfing experience with a sail that combines advanced technology with a focus on lightness, durability, power, and handling. Choose the IQ ME and embark on a new era of windsurfing, where performance meets innovation in perfect harmony!


Membrane IQ 3,6 351 143 340 14 12 4 Adj 0 RDM
Membrane IQ 4.0 369 150 370 17 0 4 Adj 0 RDM 2.77
Membrane IQ 4.4 378 159 370 17 8 4 Fixed 0 RDM 2.88
Membrane IQ 4.8 396 166 370 17 26 4 Fixed 0 RDM 2.99
Membrane IQ 5,2 414 176 400 19 14 4 Fixed 0 RDM 3.15
Membrane IQ 5,6 432 177 400 19 32 4 Fixed 0 RDM