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GA-Sails Hybrid 2023 Complete Rig Set

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Color: Red
Size: 5.6 HD
Regular price £1,025.00
Regular price £1,025.00 Sale price £1,025.00
Regular price £1,025.00
Regular price £1,025.00 Sale price £1,025.00

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HYBRID Complete Rig Package


The Windsurf Rig Package from GA Sails comes with GA Hybrid in 5.6m or 6.0m.

In the BAG:

GA Hybrid Sail

GA Mast 30% 430cm

GA Boom 170cm - 220cm

GA Mast Extension

GA Uphaul

Upgrade options are available, please contact our Surf Doctor Team.


The GA Hybrid:

One sail line for all circumstances – the Hybrid adjusts to your requirements and provides agility, control and power in waves as well as bump&jump or flatwater conditions.

The Hybrid evolves from an all-round wave sail in the smaller sizes across a versatile freemove line from 5.2 to 6.4 into an easy to use and powerful freeride sail in the biggest sizes. All sizes feature a new one-piece mast sleeve, which is lighter and leads to optimized stretch.

Updated sail shaping on the 5.2 and bigger moves draft slightly forward, which maximizes controllability.

The Hybrid is lighter than ever before and its super smooth profile pulls you forward with the right amount of backhand to easily manage the power.

Depending on the size you choose, the Hybrid provides exactly the right characteristics for you to enjoy your wave, bump&jump or freeride session.



Hybrid 5.6 HD 435 180 430 21 6 5 Fixed 0 RDM 3.63
Hybrid 6.0 HD 446 189 430 21 16 5 Fixed 0 RDM-SDM 3.75