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GA-Sails Cosmic - 2024

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Color: C1 Blue
Size: 6.2
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Regular price £859.00
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GA Sails COSMIC 2024: The Legend Reinvented – Freerace 2-Cams

Rediscover the thrill of freerace windsurfing with the 2024 GA Cosmic, a legendary sail reinvented to deliver the perfect harmony of low-end power, high performance, and the comfort of smooth jibes. This sail seamlessly combines the drive and acceleration of a cambered sail with the user-friendly characteristics and jibing ease traditionally associated with no-cam designs.

Key Features:

  1. Perfect Harmony of Power and Performance:

    • The Cosmic sail strikes the perfect balance between low-end power and high performance. Experience the thrill of endless acceleration while enjoying the ease of smooth jibes, making it an ideal choice for freerace windsurfing.
  2. Innovative Multi-Material Mast Sleeve:

    • The 2024 Cosmic features a newly introduced multi-material mast sleeve. This innovative design combines a 2-ply center section with traditional sleeve cloth, giving the sail a more sporty character. This upgrade enhances performance, allowing you to push the limits during your freeriding sessions.
  3. Proven Integrated Batten Technology:

    • The integration of GA Sails' proven Integrated Batten Technology ensures a smoother profile and symmetrical load distribution across the sail. This technology contributes to the overall performance and responsiveness of the Cosmic.
  4. Sail Sizes for Every Rider:

    • The Cosmic sail is available in various sizes, catering to different rider preferences and wind conditions. Choose from sizes 6.2, 6.7, 7.2, 7.7, 8.3, and 9.0 to suit your freeracing needs.
  5. Distinctive Colors:

    • Express your style on the water with the Cosmic sail, available in distinctive colors: C1 (Blue) and C2 (Red). Beyond its performance, it adds a touch of flair to your freeracing setup.
  6. Quality, Advanced Technology, and Innovation:

    • GA Windsurfing's commitment to quality, advanced technology, and innovation shines through in the Cosmic sail. The selection of high-quality materials, along with innovative features, ensures a sail that excels in terms of lightness, durability, power, and handling.

Experience New Levels of Performance:

  • Whether you're cruising effortlessly through calm waters or seeking the thrill of high-speed windsurfing in strong winds, the 2024 Cosmic empowers you to reach new levels of performance and enjoyment during your freeracing sessions. Push the boundaries and rediscover the joy of windsurfing with the reinvented legend – the GA Sails Cosmic 2024.


Cosmic 6.2 441 183 430 21 12 7 Fixed 2 SDM 4.6
Cosmic 6.7 458 191 430 21 28 7 Fixed 2 SDM 4.8
Cosmic 7.2 473 199 460 25 14 7 Fixed 2 SDM 4.9
Cosmic 7.7 485 207 460 25 26 7 Fixed 2 SDM 5.1
Cosmic 8.3 499 217 490-460 29/25 10-40 7 Fixed 2 SDM 5.3
Cosmic 9.0 514 229 490 29 24 7 Fixed 2 SDM 5.6