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GA-Kites Watts Kiteboard (without Accessory) 2024

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Size: 135 x 40
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Discover the GA-Kites Watts Kiteboard 2024, known as WATTS, a remarkable synthesis of high-performance and user-friendly design that will fuel your passion for kiteboarding. Unleash your potential with this board crafted to push your boundaries, enabling impressive jumps and conquering diverse conditions.

Equipped with a mono concave design, the WATTS ensures exceptional control, effortlessly handling choppy waters and allowing smooth upwind rides even in light winds. Its harmonious blend of medium to soft flex is achieved through a skillful combination of triaxial glass and a wooden core construction. The softer tips not only provide supreme comfort in choppy waters but also create a stable platform for impressive jumps and gentle landings.

The WATTS represents the ideal combination of control, planing capacity, and performance. Whether you're a novice or an experienced rider, this board offers versatility across a broad spectrum of wind conditions.

Whether you're freeriding, boosting jumps, or perfecting your freestyle rotations, the WATTS promises an extraordinary balance of comfort and performance, propelling your skill progression to new heights.




135 | 138 | 141



135 135 40 TBC 44-48 Unibox 4,5cm G10 Freeride
138 138 41 TBC 44-48 Unibox 4,5cm G10 Freeride
141 141 42 TBC 44-48 Unibox 4,5cm G10 Freeride