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GA-Kites Pact Kiteboard (without Accessory) 2024

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Size: 136 x 41
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Introducing the GA-Kites Pact Kiteboard 2024, designed for the ultimate freestyle and big air enthusiasts. Step into the PACT twin tip range, crafted for riders who crave phenomenal pop, precise control, and unmatched agility for their radical riding endeavors.

Engineered with precision, the PACT combines Twil Carbon construction and a Paulownia wood core, resulting in a medium to hard flex profile that optimises performance and seamlessly transfers power from your body to the board. Unfazed by choppy waters, the PACT ensures both comfort and control, even in the most challenging conditions.

Boasting a double concave shape, the PACT not only provides direct feedback to the water's surface but also enhances torsional stiffness, amplifying your pop for breathtaking big air and freestyle maneuvers. The double concave acts as a cushion during landings, ensuring a smooth touch down by absorbing the forces upon impact.

Meticulously engineered, the PACT is designed to deliver the performance and control needed to push the boundaries of big air and freestyle. With its robust construction, responsive flex, and specialised features, it stands as your ultimate companion to elevate your kiteboarding experience to new heights.




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