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GA-Kites Blend Kiteboard (without Accessory) 2024

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Size: 143 x 45
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Explore the GA-Kites Blend Kiteboard 2024, introducing the BLEND—an extraordinary twin tip that seamlessly blends freeride performance with remarkable light wind versatility. If you're in search of a board that effortlessly combines early planing and precise control, the BLEND is the solution to your quest.

With its relatively straight outline, the BLEND ensures rapid planing, effortless upwind navigation, and control across various conditions. The mono concave shape excels at maximizing upwind capabilities in light winds while providing exceptional control in choppy waters, allowing you to confidently handle your board even in challenging conditions and pursue those exhilarating big jumps.

Crafted with a triaxial glass construction and a wooden core, the BLEND boasts a medium flex profile that delivers impressive pop and jumping performance. Beyond that, the board cushions your landings, ensuring a soft and comfortable ride during your laid-back freeride sessions.

Embrace the gentlest breezes and savor sessions that offer both performance and control, especially when you're geared up for those thrilling jumps. The BLEND board guarantees you the best of both worlds.



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