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GA-Foil Carbon GTX 97 Wing Foil Set HP 2024

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SKU: SD_02973
Front Wing: 1150
Fuselage: 72cm
Regular price £2,199.00
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Regular price £2,199.00
Regular price £2,199.00 Sale price £2,199.00

Introducing the GTX Wing Foil Set: Elevating Wingfoiling Performance to New Heights!

The GTX Wing Foil Set establishes a new benchmark in wingfoiling performance, combining cutting-edge design with advanced materials to deliver exceptional speed, control, and responsiveness.

Key Features:

  1. Carbon Layup Mast:

    • The 97cm mast features a newly developed carbon layup with a slimmer profile, enhancing stiffness, reducing weight, and minimizing drag. This translates to outstanding speed, control, and responsiveness, setting a new standard in wingfoiling.
  2. CNC Milled Aluminum Fuselage:

    • The 72cm CNC milled aluminum fuselage offers great agility for freestyle moves, wave foiling, and pumpfoiling. For further customization, add the 62cm or 67cm fuselage to maximize agility and performance.
  3. Versatile Front Wing Compatibility:

    • Combine the GTX Wing Foil Set with one of our HP front wings for a balance of stability, controllability, and performance. Opt for the MP front wing series for maximum performance potential.
  4. Tuning Options:

    • Fine-tune your foil setup with a variety of tuning parts, allowing you to customize the configuration to match your specific demands and the prevailing conditions.

Pair your GTX, Mach1, or Hybrid foil set with one of our four different HP front wings to unlock enhanced performance, speed potential, and agility.

HP Front Wings Features:

  1. Medium Aspect Ratio:

    • The medium aspect ratio ensures agile riding characteristics, pushing your wing and windsurf foiling skills to the next level.
  2. Versatility for All Levels:

    • Despite the high performance, the HP front wings maintain great controllability and lift, making them suitable for riders of varying skill levels.
  3. Outstanding All-Round Performance:

    • Experience a vast speed range, easy take-offs, and a perfect balance of stability and agility with the HP front wings, making them outstanding all-round performers.

Embark on a new era of wingfoiling with the GTX Wing Foil Set, combining innovation, versatility, and superior performance to elevate your wingfoiling adventures.