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Forward Wip Wipper 2.0 Helmet S-M // 51cm - 56cm

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Forward Wip Wipper 2.0 Helmet: Maximum Protection and Comfort for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts!

Are you an extreme sports enthusiast seeking the perfect balance of protection and comfort? Look no further than the Forward Wip Wipper 2.0 Helmet. This high-quality helmet is designed to meet the demands of various extreme sports, providing maximum safety and convenience.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Impact EPP Liner Construction Technology:

    • The helmet features Multi-Impact EPP Liner Construction Technology, allowing it to regain its shape after repetitive use. This technology enhances the helmet's durability, making it an excellent choice for frequent and intense activities.
  2. Hard ABS Shell for Robust Construction:

    • The hard ABS shell provides a super robust construction, offering better resistance against impacts. This ensures that the helmet can withstand the rigors of extreme sports, providing reliable protection when you need it most.
  3. 360° Micrometric Fit System:

    • The helmet is equipped with a 360° micro metric fit system, allowing for an adjustable headband. This feature ensures a perfect and secure fit around the head, enhancing both comfort and safety during your activities.
  4. High Visibility Colours for Safety:

    • The helmet comes in high visibility colours, adding an extra layer of safety. These colours make it easy for others to spot you, especially during low-light conditions, ensuring that you remain visible and safe while enjoying your favourite extreme sports.
  5. Removable Ear Protectors with Audio Compatibility:

    • Two removable ear protectors are included with the helmet, providing additional protection. These ear protectors are designed to fit an audio BBT communication system, allowing for easy communication with your team while on the field or in the water.

Versatile Use Across Extreme Sports:

  • Whether you're prone foiling, wing foiling, windsurfing foiling, snowboarding, or participating in any other extreme sport, the Forward Wip Wipper 2.0 Helmet is a reliable choice. It offers the perfect combination of safety features and comfort for enthusiasts like you.

Get Your Forward Wip Wipper 2.0 Helmet at Surf Doctor:

  • Surf Doctor is your one-stop-shop for high-quality extreme sports gear in the UK. Elevate your safety and comfort with the Forward Wip Wipper 2.0 Helmet. Order yours today and enjoy the thrill of extreme sports with confidence!