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Fliteboard x Marc Newson

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FREE LESSON or SERVICE with every purchase at our authorised Fliteschool (The Official Test Centre) and Flite Service Centre based in Portland Harbour, UK. We will also provide guidance on setting up your new eFoil as well as dissembling it, making sure you get off to the best possible start on your new eFoil journey.

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Creating the ultimate eFoil

We collaborated with Marc Newson, one of the world's most influential designers to push the boundaries of design, innovation and performance. The revolutionary monobloc eFoil and streamlined board deliver an improved hydrodynamic performance and refined appearance. A one-time release is limited to 999 full configurations.


Introducing MN Monobloc eFoil. Our lightest, stiffest and strongest

The MN eFoil is a technological work of art. Designed for peak stiffness, performance and longevity, it’s formed with the most advanced Japanese high modulus pre-preg (HMPP) carbon fibre then cured in a state-of-the-art autoclave.

The 16mm tapered mast leads from the board and joins the motor-integrated fuselage as an exquisite single flowing form without joints or bolts. Streamlined for low drag performance, the titanium conical wing attachment pierces through the water creating a narrow hydrodynamic path.  

MN Dual Drive ⌀62mm
Suitable for all conditions, riding preferences, and abilities. Includes both Flite Jet and Flite Prop, ready to be swapped in seconds with no tools.

MN Wave ⌀46mm
The smallest, lowest drag eFoil motor on the market, for advanced riders who prioritise flying using the power of swell. Includes Flite Folding Prop. Conical Wing Design

The Marc Newson comes with Flite's all new conical wing design. An improved wing design that allows better hydrodynamic flow and a more connected feel of the foil.  
Form, material and process beautifully intertwined The strength and lightness of pure Japanese HMPP carbon fibre construction allowed Newson to create a board that is both beautiful and functional. Optimum stiffness and weight with ultra-efficient hydrodynamics.   Form follows function Newson redesigned the board rails in line with his resolved design ideology. The carbon fibre body is left unadorned to shave even more weight from the board while highlighting the quality of the material and refinement of the manufacturing. Narrower than existing boards with less surface resistance and better hydrodynamics, greater lean angles and lower swing weight. 

Beauty is in the details...

Voronoi pattern This naturally forming pattern is found everywhere from turtle shells and spotted eagle rays to the fine bubbles marking the border of ocean and beach. Newson borrowed the pattern from nature to create the functional and distinctive deck grip.
Clean lines Flush mount silicone handles are sleek and discreet. There when you need them and integrated when you’re flying. Stunning simplification
A singular battery-release mechanism is simple, durable and striking. Like every Fliteboard, battery levels, board health, connection and pairing status are displayed on the minimalist Flitecell lightbar. Steering the future
Newson redesigned the award-winning Flite Controller to feel analogue and organic. MN Flite Controller features a large colour display and an intuitive interface for real-time feedback. Wave mode logs and displays wave data throughout your session.